Dr. Malkin Quoted in the Press - 2017

A psychologist reveals outstanding traits of the super rich

Business Insider, 13-Dec-2017

When we look at the relationship between wealth and wealth accumulation and measures of narcissism, people's narcissistic scores go up as they tend to earn more. What all super wealthy people have in common is they feel deserving of their wealth. They don't feel any conflicts about pursuing it. Learn More.

How to work with a narcissistic boss

Business Insider, 12-Dec-2017

If you're dealing with a boss who is just sort of arrogant and can be aloof and difficult to deal with, there are two approaches that are very effective. Learn More.

Look out for these early warning signs that you're dating a narcissist

Business Insider, 09-Dec-2017

Some early warning signs that you're with a narcissist when you're dating someone that you really want to pay attention to all come down to one thing: All narcissists hate depending on others in mutually caring and emotional ways. Learn More.

Report: Leading Psychiatrists Warn Trump’s Mental Illness Threatens Nation

Patheos, 07-Oct-2017

Craig Malkin writes on pathological narcissism and politics as a lethal mix. Read more.

Diagnosing Donald Trump, and His Voters

The New Yorker, 06-Oct-2017

Craig Malkin, a lecturer at Harvard Medical School and the author of “Rethinking Narcissism,” suggests relying on “people already trained to provide functional and risk assessment based entirely on observation—forensic psychiatrists and psychologists as well as ‘profilers’ groomed by the CIA, the FBI, and various law enforcement agencies.” Read More.

These 27 Top Shrinks Think Trump Might Be Nuts

The Daily Beast, 02-Oct-2017

Healthy narcissism is a trait that all of us carry: the drive to feel special or unique. “In fact, people with a healthy dose of narcissism are happier, more optimistic and consistently confident than people at the low end of the spectrum,” he writes. Pathological [or malignant] narcissism begins “when people become so addicted to feeling special that, just like with any drug, they’ll do anything to get their ‘high,’” writes Malkin, author of Rethinking Narcissism. Read More.

Feeling Overwhelmed? The MFA Says One Minute With A Rothko Painting Could Help

WBUR 90.9, 22-Sep-2017

Malkin points to the rise of “nature coaches” who help people reconnect not just with the earth and a sense of peace, but also with themselves.

Art can also help you step back and reflect, Malkin says — as long as it speaks to you. Read More.

Is Donald Trump actually crazy? 27 mental-health experts offer up their conclusions (Commentary)

The Oregonian, 19-Sep-2017

Richard Nixon, the 37th president, was a narcissist, clinical psychologist Craig Malkin states. Donald Trump, the 45th president, is a step beyond that: a pathological narcissist. “Pathological narcissism begins,” Malkin writes, “when people become so addicted to feeling special that, just like with any drug, they’ll do anything to get their ‘high,’ including lie, steal, cheat, betray and even hurt those closest to them.” Read More.

5 Important Myths (and Facts) About Narcissism

U.S. News & World Report, 30-Aug-2017

Fact: Like many things in life, narcissism occurs on a continuum from healthy to unhealthy (or pathological). On the positive side, people who have narcissistic tendencies are often charming, intelligent and intuitive, experts say. Healthy narcissism involves “seeing yourself through slightly rose-colored glasses,” Malkin says. “It lets you dream big but not at the expense of relationships, and it helps you persist in the face of failure.” Read More.

The Narcissist’s Playbook: Ten Tactics to Recognize

PsychCentral, 24-Aug-2017

Everyone fights—and that’s what you keep telling yourself—but somehow you manage not to fully register, not at the start at least, that he doesn’t own up to what he’s feeling. Instead, he plays what Dr. Malkin calls “emotional hot potato,” ascribing his feelings to you. Read More.

True do-gooders don't do good for 'likes' on social media

The Straits Times, 08-Aug-2017

According to Dr. Craig Malkin, who wrote the book, Rethinking Narcissism, communal narcissists regard themselves as especially nurturing, understanding and empathetic. They proudly announce how much they give to charity or how little they spend on themselves. Communal narcissists come from many walks of life. Read More.

Diagnosing and Treating Narcissism

The Carlat Report, 10-Jul-2017

At its heart, pathological narcissism is a desperate need to feel special—in fact, you can call it an addiction to feeling special. The confusing thing is that we tend to focus on one presentation, which is the loud, arrogant, conceited narcissist, but that’s only one type. Click here to get the full article from The Carlat Report.Click here to get the full article from The Carlat Report.

Trump asks why Obama ‘did nothing’ to stop Russia’s ‘meddling’ in presidential election

MarketWatch, 24-Jun-2017

One response over Twitter from Dr. Craig Malkin summed up some of the of critical responses to the Trump tweet. Read More.

The Real Narcissists

Willing Ways, 15-Jun-2017

The label is everywhere, but it's widely misused to describe anyone who offends us. The truth? A little narcissism is good for you. Read More.

On a Carousel with a Narcissist? 5 Steps to Get Off

PsychCentral, 15-Jun-2017

The problem with seeing the narcissist as the Big Bad Wolf is that you expect him to behave horribly in obvious ways and that’s probably not going to happen. The truth is that he’s a master of grand gestures which Dr. Craig Malkin has identified as his tactic of stealth control. Read More.

In Delusional Tweet, Trump Claims ‘Vindication’ From ‘Leaker’ Comey. Gets EPIC Response

Political D!g, 09-Jun-2017

Dr. Malkin fires back about Comey's firing. Read More.

Three Ways to Spot a Narcissist

meQuilibrium, 06-Jun-2017

No one wants to be accused of being a narcissist: someone with an excessive interest in themselves. But how can you tell if you (or someone you know) is a narcissist? When does self-interest become self-limiting? The answer lies in knowing the difference between healthy and unhealthy narcissism. Read More.

Echoism: The Flip Side of Narcissism.

Elephant Journal, 31-May-2017

Echoists tend to be introverted because they’ve learned it’s unsafe to express themselves. Read More.

9 Things You Need to Do If You’re Involved With a Narcissist

PsychCentral, 31-May-2017

Because narcissists in popular culture are portrayed as bad guys and gals, many people expect a straightforward scenario—like being locked up in a dungeon by someone who acts like a thug or being derided or humiliated publicly front of other people. Nope, that’s not how the narcissist plays it. Read More.

9 Things A Narcissist Will Never Do

PsychCentral, 22-May-2017

What the person high in narcissistic traits doesn’t do constitutes a pattern of its own and, in many ways, makes him easier to identify. Once you’ve focused on what he isn’t doing, you can see that what motivates him isn’t the need to connect to you in any meaningful way—which is, of course, what you’ve been hoping for all along—but a very private and specific agenda which is making sure that his vision of himself stays protected and invulnerable. Read More.

In praise of selfish women

Quartz, 13-May-2017

We all have narcissistic tendencies that can be roughly measured on a scale of 1 to 10, with the most problematic cases at either end of the spectrum. Read More.

Donald Trump Wages War Against Republicans Of The Freedom Caucus — And Twitter Laughs At The Hypocrisy!

Perez Hilton, 30-Mar-2017

Dr. Malkin was quick to criticize to the President's latest divisive remarks. Read More.

Narsisizme Yeni Bir Bakış (Turkish)

İletişim, 15-Mar-2017

Lately, everyone is talking about narcissism. In newspapers and magazines, in television programs, on the internet, in everyday conversations, this word comes out constantly. It is mostly used with negative connotations and accepted by many as an "epidemic". What is the cause of narcissism and, worst of all, is it bad? Read More.

10 Projections From The Mind of A Narcissist

Power of Positivity, 10-Mar-2017

There’s a long-standing belief…that narcissists actually feel great about themselves…Savvier researchers recognized that the emperor had no clothes…They hooked the narcissists up to a lie detector (fake) then asked them how they felt about themselves. Suddenly, their high self-esteem vanished... Read More.

Does your signature reveal you are a NARCISSIST? Researchers find large signatures are a sign of dark traits

Daily Mail, 27-Feb-2017

A study analyzing the signatures of 500 chief financial officers found that signature size is linked only to the dark elements of narcissism. Read More.

Patient in Chief

The Huffington Post, 25-Feb-2017

Narcissism is best understood as a drive to feel special, to stand out from the rest of the 7 billion people on the planet. At its healthiest, it can engender big dreams, charisma, and ambition. Read More.

When Your Boss is a Narcissist

Psychology Today, 08-Jan-2017

Narcissists are ego-driven, big-headed, cold-blooded individuals who expect total loyalty from others without being loyal in return. According to Dr. Craig Malkin, Harvard Medical School Lecturer and author of Rethinking Narcissism, narcissists want to feel important. Read More.


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